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Stroop Wafel and his Choco Wafel Mech
here's the final bio of the day, our Chapter 1 baddie and his Choco Wafel Mech, Stroop Wafel!

Name: Stroop Wafel

Occupation: Honest Shop and Game Emporium Owner (In reality, a con-man, boat-jacker, and spy for the Chestnut King)

Home: His Honey-top Hideout and Stroop & Rench's Chop Shop

Info: Stroop Wafel, whatever he tells you, is a wanted criminal and notorious
con-man. He either lures you into his shop or his 'game emporium' and at first
may appear like a con-man and turn out a nice guy, but it's a facade, your first
impression is correct. He gives you what you would want in your current occupation,
such as a power-strengthening sticker if you're an adventurer, and then plants a
tracker on in to find your current location. Once you're far enough away, he steals
your ship and takes it to his chop shop at an unknown location, but if you cause
problems for his operation, he sends in his Choco Artillery to 'take' care of you.
Recent reports have determined he may have made a deal with the Chestnut King
to work as a spy in the kingdom. If you have any information about this character
please turn it in immediately.

Appearances: Paper Luigi Chapter 1 
                                        New Kingdom, New Dangers

Stroop Wafel's Choco Wafel Mech
This is ...BRZZZ... Stroop's ultimate weapon. My scans reveal it carries
...WHIII... no weaknesses, but it does detect that if we ...BEEP... were
able to disable both of his jets, than ...ERRR... it would have nothing
to support itself. Be ...NIII... careful, however, as in his compartment
I detect multiple Choco ...BRZZZ... Chomps.
HP: 25 (Left Jet), 25 (Right Jet)
ATKP: 10
DFNS: 1 (Both Jets), 6 (Body)
ATKs: Choco Wafel Punch
         Top Hat Razor Blade
         Choco Chomp Compartment
Stroop Wafel's Choco Artillery Family Tree
Here is the Choco Artillery enemy family tree, but wait, you might say, if this is an enemy family tree, why are Bomb-ombs, Bullet Bills & Bullet Bill Blasters mixed with Chain Chomps on here? Well that's because, all these enemies have one thing in common, they all fit into the theme of chocolate based enemies, and rather than multiple enemy trees with different enemy types, I thought I upload all the Chapter 1 enemies as one enemy family tree since none of them have any other versions of themselves. So let's get on with the tattles.

Choco Bill
1. Choco Bill
    This is a Choco ...BRZZZ... Bill, a Bullet Bill designed by
    Stroop to ...WHIII... resemble a chocolate chip. While it
    is not as hard ...NIII... to defeat as a regular Bullet Bill,
    after a Choco Bill attacks and ...BEEP... explodes, it
    covers you in sticky, gooey chocolate, ...ERRR... preventing
    you from attacking for 2 turns.
    HP: 2
    ATKP: 4
    DFNS: 0
    ATKs: Chip Targeting
2. Choco Bill Blaster
    The Choco ...NIII... Bill Blaster, designed to resemble a
    chocolate ...ERRR... bar, is as tough as a regular ...WHIII...
    Bill Blaster thanks to Stroop's ...BRZZZ... metal foil armor.
    Take it out before it ...BEEP... spews more Choco Bills.
    HP: 5
    ATP: 0
    DFNS: 2
    ATKs: Choco Bill Blast
1. and 2. Appear in: Chapter 1
                                  - Honey Lake
                              Chapter 4
                                  - Stroop & Rench's Chop Shop
Choco Bomb
The Choco Bomb is a Bomb-omb composed ...WHIII...of loose
chocolate squares, so once it drops down from ...BEEP... its foil
parachute and becomes enraged enough to ...NIII... explode,
it can cover one of you in sticky, ...BRZZZ... gooey chocolate,
stopping you from attacking for 3 turns, ...ERRR... much like a
Choco Bill can.
HP: 4
ATKs: Choco-splosion!
Choco Bomb Appears in: Chapter 1
                                        - Honey Lake
                                     Chapter 8
                                        - Hate-song gates
Choco Chomps
1. Choco Chomp (Enslaved)
    This Choco Chomp is under the control ...BRZZZ... of an outside force,
    as evident by that wire ...WHIII... it wears. Thankfully, the time it took for
    ...ERRR... it to be put under command has weakened it, ....NIII... but it still
    possesses a skill that all Choco Chomps ...BEEP... have, the ability to barf up
    extra Choco Bubbles to morph ...BRZZZ... into new Choco Chomps! Defeat it
    quickly so its ...NIII... Choco Bubbles won't grow.
    HP: 6
    ATKP: 5
    DFNS: 1
    ATKs: Choco Chomps
             Bubble Barf
2. Choco Chomp (Free)
    These Choco Chomps may not be ...ERRR... under Stroop's control
    like the previous ...NIII.. ones battled, meaning you can not ...WHIII...
    use your hammer to scare them away, but they are ...BRZZZ... still
    very tough and quite dangerous as ...BEEP... Chomps can be.
    HP: 7
    ATKP: 6
    DFNS: 3
    ATKs: Choco Chomps
              Bubble Barf
3. Mega Choco Chomp
    This Mega Choco Chomp appears ...BRZZZ... to be a huge combination
    of Choco Chomps, with a ...ERRR... fierce bite. I have also detected that
    ...NIII... like a regular Choco Chomp, it can spawn ...BEEP... its own Choco
    Chomps, but instead of growing bubbles that take ...WHIII... 3 turns to
    grow, it automatically spawns full-grown ones.
    HP: 25
    ATKP: 6
    DFNS: 5
    ATKs: Mega Choco Chomps
              Bubble Chomp Barf
1. Appears in: Chapter 1
                         - Honey-top Tunnels
                         - Honey Lake
                     Chapter 4
                         - Stroop & Rench's Chop Shop
2. Appears in: Chapter 6
                         - Choco Tundra
3. Appears in: Chapter 1
                         - Honey-top Tunnels

and that's the Choco Artillery.
Poorts Lefaw's Choco Thwomp
Now while Mario encounters a Thwomp with a quiz off in chapter 1 of PMTTYD, Luigi also encounters a Thwomp, this one being one created by the Chapter 1 boss, Stroop Wafel, to resemble an actual Thwomp, but being colored brown and placed on an altar resembling a chocolate bar, thus making the Thwomp resemble chocolate, hence the name of bio 5, the Choco Thwomp!

Name: Choco Thwomp

Occupation: Minion for Stroop Wafel

Home: unstable tunnel in Mt. Honey

Info: Created by the chocolate obsessed boat-jacker/Chestnut
Kingdom spy, Stroop Wafel, to be a gate keeper of sorts. He uses
Stroop's name but backwards in order to fool Luigi into thinking
his boss is someone else while Stroop steals his boat to take it to
his Chop Shop on Circuit Break Island, east of the capital, and to
keep him busy, uses a rigged quiz Stroop came up with, only for
Luigi to get all the answers right, but thanks to a technicality in
the rules Stroop made, he is still able to send Luigi and the twins
down to face the Mega Choco Chomp.

Appearances: Paper Luigi Chapter 1 
                                       New Kingdom, New Dangers
Buttercup Syrup
Here's bio number 4, an a unique one at that. If any of you know about the Super Luigi series from PMTTYD, than you that during Luigi's adventure, he was tailed by an author who recorded the whole thing, from start to finish, though over-exaggerated it a bit, such as making a part where Luigi played the part of a piece of grass in a play, to playing it as a humble earth spirit, so I decided to create this character for the story, Buttercup Syrup.

Name: Buttercup Syrup

Occupation: Lead Reporter and Head Editor, as well as the manager, founder, and only employee, for the Waffler Times, the only newspaper in Honey-top

Home: Honey-top

Info: The founder, manager, head editor, and lead reporter for the Waffler Times, the best, and only, newspaper in Honey-top, where she works as the only employee. She's also incredibly despised by everyone. While she says she never prints a story without all the facts, she often does just that, printing stories that are completely wrong and usually ruin reputations, as she lacks no such reporters instincts that allow a reporter to know when they're missing something, so when she comes knocking along for scoops, everybody does their best to give her no facts at all so she doesn't get a story for the next day. However, when Luigi arrives, he, not knowing who she is, accidentally spills the beans on the whole princess being captured thing, giving her a scoop that would unknowingly cause mass panic in the entire kingdom. However, after Luigi saves her, twice, she gets the idea there is more to the story she is printing than just the castle's lies, so she begins tracking Luigi and writing down a report of his adventure, and seeing only his heroic actions and not his cowardly ones, starts to develop a crush on him and begins over-exaggerating his adventure, and turns it from a simple report to an all out book series.

Appearances: Paper Luigi Chapter 1
                                      New Kingdom, New Dangers
                                             Chapter 1 - Interlude
                     Paper Luigi all Chapters in secret
                     Paper Luigi all Chapter Interludes
                     Paper Luigi all Chapter Transitions in secret
Minister Crepe Cream
number three bio of today, Minister Crepe! He's the guy who sent the letter which Luigi got after Mario left for Rouge-port, so he's the one responsible for this quest! (In more ways than one if you've read all the Super Luigi books in PMTTYD)

Name: Crepe Cream

Occupation: Minister of the Waffle Kingdom

Home: Waffle Castle in Honey-top

Bio: Basically the Toadsworth of the Waffle Kingdom, except without all
the worrying about the princess like Toadsworth usually does. Being a
Pancakler of the Pudding Continent to the south of the capital, there was
much anger why he got the position and not a Waffler, though over the
years the hate over it has subsided and the citizens have grown to love
Minister Crepe as much as they love Princess Eclair. Before he was a
minister, he was a professor of history, explained why he knows so much
about the history of the Waffle Kingdom and the time before it, yet it seems
he keeps some secrets of history to himself. What information does he carry?

Appearances: Paper Luigi Chapter 1
                                       New Kingdom, New Dangers
                                       Chapter 1/2 Transition
I'm sure you all know now that Paper Mario The Star Fountain, a long time project of mine, finished two weeks from tomorrow, with the last of the artwork uploaded yesterday. This is a project that I has been going on for two years and am n-

???: Two years isn't that long, just think of the rewind chronicles story that Soupgeist guy is doing, that's been going on for, what, 5 years counting it's old form, countdown to chaos. Heck, the guy's hasn't even upload the rest of the prologue and he's off making music for future chapters and for a little DLC story-line with that Peach lady.

What the? Who the heck are you?!

???: You'll know soon enough. *-POOF!-*

Well that was weird. Anyway, like I was saying before I was interrupted, I am now creating my Paper Luigi fan story of which I shall be uploading the first Chapter tomorrow, and the new characters of it over the course of the weekend. After that, the remainder of the chapters shall be split into parts, each detailing a different part of the story I want to focus on. The reason Chapter 1 is not split is because I still consider it part of the Prologue, with the introductory of characters and what not, but it is not labeled as such because of the first vital piece Luigi needs is gained at the end, something he could not and did not obtain alongside the letter, since it was in the hands of someone else (Chapter 1 Boss) at the time they found the compass. But the Chapters splitting off is not what I'm here to talk about. 

Some of you may remember a 3D crumpled up piece of paper with a few digital made chains wrapped around it I upload around the time I started PMTSF (For clearance, you can find it here: The Mistake).


Don't judge, it was my first time attempting with digital art, well second,which is why I took to drawing traditionally like I always do! And why are you still here, I though you poofed away!

???: It's not 'poofing,' it's called vanishing, and yeah I did, but I just wanted to make fun of you loser, later *-VANISH POOF-*

Sigh, back to topic. So, I left that with you as a little teaser for something, which I didn't want to reveal yet. but here it is. I. AM. MAKING. ANOTHER. P-.............................


???: Alright enough of that. Let's get this over with. High, my name's, well, my name is unpronounceable in your earthly human tongue, so I would say call me Bill, but that name's taken, so call me by what I look like, an Origami Skull, so call me Skull Origami, no, better, Skullor Gami! (Right here folks, in this bozo's nifty little pocket dimension he calls his Sta.ash, is a beautiful picture of me, Skullor Gami. Ain't I good loo-kin? But you'll have wait for my good old backstory.) So, as you can guess, LS7, (or lillyseven7, what was he thinking, snicker) is creating a brand new Paper Mario Story! Airing in January 2018! Of course using his new Paper Mario chapter slicer, duh!

Skullor: Anyway this new adventure, called Paper Mario Cutout Chaos (named because of it's main villain, a new species called a Cutteracki), follows Mario journeying to a new land (real original) called Artensia, a land in tune with The Maker, creator of all things in the universe and beyond, who wrote the words of language and drew the land of his image with his ten celestial tools of creation from his realm, until he made his single mistake, one that grew to have the power to bend reality, which spelled danger to all who touched it for corruption in the soul, so, The Maker locked it away. But a Cutteracki known as Perfe Artis found it, and began using it to cause havoc in Artensia. So Mario (being the hero that he is), steps up to save the day and collect the ten celestial tools, which the Maker hid in Artensia after he vanished for his creations to thrive, to stop Perfe Artis.

Skullor: Pretty cool, right? So there will be a few things being uploaded before it airs in 4 months, like a map of Artensia, key characters (no bosses will be revealed though), etc. etc. and of course ME! But what part will I be playing? Well you'll have to wait to find out! That's my cue to leave, see ya! *-Vanish Poof-*

~@$^*)+{|:<?>"}_(&%#!`-]'./,;[\=ERROR RESTORED~&$!*%@^>:(+[\`#&_)={"?,<.][';}|

.....................................-APER. MARIO. STORY! Yeah, that's right, I call it, Paper Mario Cutout Chaos, which I plan to launch in January 2018. No details on it yet (though I will use the chapter splicing I mention earlier), after all the mystery is always the best part, but I can give you a schedule on things I plan to release over the course of the next five months, no dates secured yet though:
  • September: PMCC Map
  • October: Key Characters: Main Villain, recurring enemies, central characters, partners etc.
  • November: Story Collectibles
  • December: Intro
  • January: First few Bosses, Prologue, some NPCs & some enemy families
So stay tuned for all that and more. Oh, and make sure to stop on by tomorrow for paper Luigi Chapter 1, New Kingdoms, New Dangers.

Over and out.


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Ewan Graham


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