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PMTSF Chapter 6 Cold Times, Cold Times are Coming
I've got an important announcement to make: My finals are done and my Summer Vacation has began! So expect more uploads over the summer, with Paper Mario The Star Fountain starting to come to a close. Can you believe it's been nearly two years since I first uploaded the teaser? And now look, only 2 more chapters to go after this, and I've already began my new Paper Luigi series with the prologue! and with chapter 6 out, and 'cold times coming,' I will have something to say once PMTSF is done, and it has to do with a little something I uploaded last year........
Anyways, on with the chapter!

With a venture to a familiar place finished, and a new friend gained, Mario & Co. returned to Toad Town to discover that the Boo Woods had been declared off limits, due to a recent string of disappearances. Going into the woods, Mario & Co. worked with Professor E. Gadd to uncover the mystery of the missing Toads, which happened to do with the forest's namesake, the Boo Troop. Mario & Co. discover King Boo was using his recently rediscovered Green Star Key to turn anyone going through the woods into a painting, and had Luigi in his clutches thanks to a deal he made with Luigi's former, and Peach and Bowser's current, captor, King Shadolance. With the help of McBoo, a friendly Red Boo (Who i simply borrowed from his creator McQueen-Mario on Fantendo), Mario & Co. were able to free Luigi and the captive Toads from King Boo and gain the next Star Key.

        Mario - The Hero of our story who needs no introduction.
            Party Members
                Kammy Koopa - Bowser's Caretaker and Lead Minion who
                teamed up with Mario to rescue Bowser, Peach, and Luigi.
                Black NinjaKoopa - The Muscle of the Koopa Bros. and a
                Master of the Ninja-Shot Throw. He teams up with Mario
                after seeing he's not so bad after all
                GoomBert - An Archaeologist/Map-Maker who decided to 
                assist Mario with his navigation skills after being rescued
                from the belly of  a giant Koopa made of sand.
                Cocoaknow - The only Coco-Knight to believe Mario's Quest
                after He accidentally destroys a Coco-knight statue who
                helps Mario gain the Star Key on the Missing Island with
                her trap sensing abilities and Trap Sprint. She is also considered
                weird by the other Coco-Knights due to decision to wear
                a cocoa bean instead of a coconut.
                Jade Bulb-Ulb- The oldest living Bulb-Ulb, who protected the
                Purple Star Key. That is until Petey Piranha stole it and became
                corrupted, spewing her with so much poison that she lost her memory.
                With Mario's help, she regained it and helped him reclaim the star key
                to save Peach, Luigi and Bowser from the Evil King. Being the oldest
                Bulb-Ulb, Jade has Abilities the others don't have, like using her vines
                to distract enemies and move them away from her location.
                McBoo - A Red Boo and former member of King Boo's division of the
                Koopa Troop, the Boo Troop, along with his friends. After Mario rescues
                all three of his friends from King Boo, McBoo lends Mario his ghostly
                abilities, allowing Mario to save his brother and all the other captives,
                plus get another Star Key.*
        BumpTed (Not-in-Picture) - Bumpty Town's official mayor for 12 years, plus one
        of the towns most prized citizens, alongside his daughter, BumpTina. With
        weird, unmelting Ice Sculptures popping up in the Icy Mountains, especially now,
        in the Icy Mountain Summer-Time, BumpTed, with a suspicion that the native Mr.
        Blizzards and Ice-balls, the Freezies, are behind this, prepares to lead an
        expedition into the uncharted Frozen Caverns, a place too dangerous for any citizen
        of the Mushroom Kingdom to set foot in, for a number of reasons.
        BumpTina - The daughter and only child of Bumpty Town's Mayor BumpTed,
        though she isn't all that spoiled. BumpTina loves to do Ballet, and is in her fifth
        year at the Bumpty Ballerina School, though she is a bit of an adventurer. When
        her dad starts putting together an expedition to the Frozen Caverns, BumpTina
        jumps at the chance to go exploring, but her father prevents her from going. With
        Mario's assistance, BumpTina is able to convince her dad to let her go, as long as
        Mario keeps her safe.
        Kolorado (Not-in-Picture) - A famous Koopa archaeologist, who Mario previously
        encountered searching for the Koopa Ruins in the Koopahara Desert, and now is
        working with BumpTed on his expedition through the Frozen Caverns, wondering
        if the recent summer snow has something to do with another Star Key like with King Sutt.
        Bowser - Formerly a captive of King Shadolance, recently discovered by Peach
        to be the King of the ancient Tribe of Darkness, he is frozen into a block of ice by
        his guards for having caused too much distraction to Shadolance. He is then sent to
        the Frozen Caverns, a place Shadolance is sure no one is stupid enough to go to
        because of the dangers, without knowing that the Blue Star Key is hidden there.
        He is also more famously known as king of the Koopa kingdom who constantly
        kidnaps the Mushroom Kingdom's Monarch Princess
Peach so that he can both best
        Mario, his arch-nemesis, and to take 
over the Mushroom Kingdom, but mostly because
        he is in love with Peach 
and wishes for her to fell the same way.
        Miss Freezie - The self-proclaimed Queen of the Icy Mountains, the Mr. Blizzards, and the Freezies,
        mostly because there aren't that many 'Miss Freezies.' She rules over the Frozen Caverns and
        has a multitude of Freezie minions, but recently, she discovered a perfectly frozen diamond with
        a Star Key inside, the Blue Star Key. With Her Freezie Carvers able to get the key out, she takes
        the key as her scepter, with a snowball attached by rope, and something amazing happens, she
        begins to prevent the melt. With the Blue Star Key's power, she makes a huge snow storm atop
        the Icy Mountains, allowing her minions to work freely outside with no worry of melting of the
        summer sun and create some new minions, an with that a plot hatches to become more than the
        Queen of the Icy Mountains.....
        Ice Peach - One of those weird Ice Sculptures popping up all over the Icy Mountains, though it
        looks like the more you see them, the better looking like the real Princess Peach they get,
        almost like they're going to replace her....
Princess Peach (Not-in-Picture) - The Monarch of the Mushroom
        Kingdom who is always kidnapped by Bowser. Now she has discovered that her great ancestor
        fell in love with Shadolance's daughter, and Count Bleck's Sister, who gave birth to the first
        royal Toadstool, making Shadolance her great x21 Grandfather!
Shadolance (Not-in-Picture) - The mysterious king of darkness who kidnapped Luigi, Peach,
        and Bowser for an unknown reason, with the only information being
        his name overheard by the three captives from talk by his minions,
        right before their recapture. Peach has now discovered that Shadolance is the former king
        of the Tribe of Darkness, as well as Count Bleck's father, but that he had a daughter,
        who fell in love with one of her ancestors, making Shadolance Peach's great x21 grandfather.
        Lord Blumiere (Not-in-Picture) - Formerly known as the evil Count Bleck, Lord Blumiere and his
        love Lady Timpani (Tippi) sacrificed themselves to save all worlds from destruction, and were reunited
        together in the afterlife. He has now returned in order to stop his father, who had gone mad
        after Lord Blumiere became Count Bleck.
Item - Abilities granted from said Item using Star Energy - Ability Cost
        Fountain Water - Increases Star Energy by Five points to a single ten point Star Energy Container
        Orange Star Key - Gives Mario a Toad army cover and backup for 2 turns - Cost: 1 Star Energy Container
        Yellow Star Key - Can Allow Mario to Summon Sand Toads to increase the size of his Attacks (How high
        the attack goes is up to to how good you can preform the summoning, Highest attack up is 50) - Cost:
        1 Star Energy Container
        Indigo Star Key - Allows Mario to cast a tidal wave and deal 20 damage to enemies (Every Mario gains
        another Star Key the attack power is raised by 20 to a maximum of 100 damage) - Cost: 2 Star Energy
        Purple Star Key - Mario plants a jade vine seed and uses the Purple Star Key to accelerate its growth to
        trap the enemies in jade flowers emerging from the vine for 3 turns (If Mario can preform the
        summoning to an excellent rank, the trap will last for 18 turns) - Cost: 3 Star Energy Containers
        Green Star Key - Mario can summon a painting and use the Green Star Key to increase it and call out
        lots of Boos, confusing enemy attacks for 5 turns (If Mario can increase it to an excellent rank, the
        Boos can confuse the enemies for 15 turns or even scare them away) - Cost: 4 Star Energy Containers
        Blue Star Key - Mario can summon as storm that can rain down huge icicles and hail that deals 15
        damage to all enemies (If Mario can perform an excellent storm call, the attack power is raised to a
        maximum 225) - Cost: 5 Star Energy Containers

With his spooky journey in Boo Woods complete, Mario and Co. return to Toad Town expect kids to be heading out to the beach, after all, it is the beginning of summer, only to find it completely freezing and below -10. Kammy immediately suspects magic, as her magic can sense even the hot, volcanic Koopa Kingdom in Dark Land freezing. She alerts Mario that this must be the work of a Star Key, since they've seen the star keys do some amazing magic, create creatures mad of sand, wilter Piranha Plants into a poison spewing weed, even freeze Toads into paintings, so it makes sense that the Star Key has something to do with all this snow and ice. Mario & Co. place the map back into the fountain, and the great Mt. Throne, a giant, hollow mountain shaped like, well, a throne, and a weird cavern entrance to appear in the Icy Mountains. Jade then it as an obvious place, since the Star Key is having this effect on the summer air, making it winter, and the Icy Mountains are the coldest place in the Mushroom Kingdom, so it makes sense that a Star Key with the power of snow is hidden there. GoomBert remembers there is a small town inhabited by Bumpties at the base of the Icy Mountains, and they make a business of guiding people who want to climb any of the Icy Mountains, but informs Mario that the Icy Mountains aren't really mountains, but rather the peaks of even larger mountains, so the base of them where Bumpty Town is is pretty high up and very far away, but there might be a warp pipe that can take them there. 

Mario & Co. begin looking around town, but can't seem to find the warp pipe, but, after walking past the shop, Kammy remembers that, before they first placed the map in the fountain, she saw a warp pipe on the map where the shop is. Going in, Mario and Co. see no warp pipe until they mention Bumpty Town to the manager. The manager then explains that, when his great grandfather first opened the shop, he also took hold of guarding the Bumpty Town warp pipe in the back room, and he could get them in, but he lost the key somewhere in the Toad Town Tunnels a few days ago. Going through Toad Town Tunnels, Mario & Co. find it like an Icy Grave, and have a hard time finding the lost key. Eventually, they find the key, but then the ice beneath then shatters, sending them spiraling deeper into the tunnels. Getting up from the large fall, Mario & Co. discover the Ultra Boots, which allow Mario to get to new areas and get out of the tunnels. With the key, the Shop Manager opens the way into the back room and the warp pipe to Bumpty Town, which begins the next chapter.

CHAPTER 6: - Cold Times, Cold Times are Coming
Arriving in Bumpty Town, Mario & Co. are unable to get a guide for a trip to Mt. Throne, which they believe is the location of the Sixth Star Key, and overhear the reason why. An expedition team is being put together of all the best guides and explorers, led by BumpTed, the town's mayor, and Kolorado and his team, seeking answers about the summer snow and why there has been a giant hailstorm cloud over the Icy Mountains, more specifically, Mt. Throne, only furthering Mario and Co. suspicions. They go to city hall for a last minute sign up in the expedition, believing it to be going to Mt. Throne, only to find the mayor is too busy, and because his receptionist thinks he is the snow cone delivery guy, and he doesn't have any snow cones. So Mario & Co. go off searching for snow cones to get into the mayor's office, which they are finally able to get after a series of trials and retrieving items quests, and get into the BumpTed's office, only to find the snow cone delivery guy mad his delivery without the receptionist noticing.

BumpTed then asks why Mario is here and Mario reveals his reason, which Kolorado backs up by reminding BumpTed of his journey to the Koopa Ruins, and notices that with Mario's party, along with his skilled former navigator GoomBert, they could have a much easier time in the Frozen Caverns. Black then mentions that they thought the expedition was to Mt. Throne, which BumpTed replies as, since it is hollow, an entryway can be found in the Frozen Caverns, and allows Mario & Co. to come on the expedition. After a stay of the Bumpty Town Inn, Mario & Co. prepare to leave on the expedition, only for BumpTed's speech to be interrupted by a Bumpty with a pink bow, BumpTed's daughter, BumpTina. She begs her father to let her come, but BumpTed explains that is too dangerous with falling icicles, shattering ice, howling winds and not to mention the Mr. Blizzards and Freezies. BumpTina replies that she knows the dangers, but she still wants to go, as she wants to make sure her dad is safe. Mario, remembering a friend who was also worried about his dad, argues with BumpTed to bring BumpTina along, to which BumpTed agrees if Mario can get the last few supplies from Toad Town. 

After Mario gets the last of the supplies, BumpTed lets BumpTina come along on one condition, that Mario makes sure no harm comes to BumpTina, to which Mario agrees, and gains a new partner. The expedition begins there trek to the Frozen Caverns entrance near Mt. Throne, and encounter several of Bowser's Icy Mountain minions, which cause some havoc with the group. Along the way, Cocoaknow begins to notice weird creepy ice sculptures appearing along the Icy Mountains, some that look like Toads and some that look like Koopas, along with the mysterious living ice blocks, the Freezies, guarding them. Eventually, the expedition party reaches the entrance to the Frozen Caverns, and finds it as dangerous as BumpTed described it, with falling icicles and shattering ice, as well as having to evade all types of Freezies like Freezie Hands and Freezie Carvers, plus Snow Pokeys and Mr. Blizzards. Suddenly the group gets stuck at a dead end, so Mario & Co. use their new party member, BumpTina's, Slide ability to move faster about a small tunnel, where Mario & Co. encounter the howling winds mentioned earlier, and are able to open the  way for the rest of the group. 

Soon, after a few trials through the Frozen Caverns and opening up blocked passages, Mario & Co. are suddenly separated from the rest of the group by huge, fast-growing icicle stalagmites. After a heart-warming goodbye between BumpTina and BumpTed, Mario and Co. continue on, reaching a huge Icy Cavern where they meet up with the rest of the group, and find more ice sculptures. Kammy marvels at the resemblance of the statues, a Mario & Luigi statue, a Toadsworth statue, even a sculpture of herself, and suddenly notices a Bowser sculpture, only to realize, it's the actual Bowser frozen in a block of ice! Using BumpTina's Slide, Mario & Co. free Bowser, hoping for more info on Shadolance, only, once Bowser wakes up and sees Kammy working with Mario, he automatically thinks Kammy has betrayed him just like his son did back in chapter 3. Thus, a small mini-boss battle begins, and it ends the same way it did in the prologue. With Bowser once again defeated, Kammy is finally able to tell him what happened after Shadolance took him captive, and Kammy prepares to desert Mario for Bowser, only for him to order Kammy to keep helping Mario, since he realizes that only Mario can save Peach. Bowser then explains what Peach found out about Shadolance, but can't remember it all, due to him being near unconsciousness at the time, but does tell them that Shadolance was the former leader of the Tribe of Darkness and is Count Bleck's father, who Mario remembers from a previous battle two years back.

BumpTed invites Bowser to assist them in the expedition, believing he could be what they need to get in to the hollow section of Mt. Throne. Bowser agrees, and the large party ventures back near the entrance of the Frozen Caverns, and Bowser uses his flame breath to get them in. Just as Mario & Co. step inside the hollow mountain, the winds of the outside storm burst in, and they freeze everyone except Mario & Co. into Ice Blocks. Mario & Co. then venture up the puzzling fortress inside Mt. Throne, fighting all sorts of ice minions, and encountering a few living ice sculptures, and having to avoid their icy stare. Finally, Mario & Co. reach the top, and find the Blue Star Key on a pedestal with a snowball attached. Just before Mario grabs it, it is snatched by a female Freezie. The Freezie reveals herself to be Miss Freezie, Queen of the Icy Mountains, Frozen Caverns, Mr. Blizzards and the Freezies. Miss Freezie then summons her Freezie Hands and Carvers to deal with Mario & Co., while she finishes her plan.

After beating the Freezies, they announce they are sorry, and that Miss Freezie had gained the ability to control the frozen inhabitants of the Icy Mountains, create new ones and alter old ones, forcing them to do her bidding. Original, she was crowned queen being one of the rare female Freezies, and ruled for many long years (being made of ice, they can live for many long years as long as they stay inside the Frozen Caverns during the summer time). During one summer, the current summer, Miss Freezie grew to resent the fact that, every summer, her people had to stay in the Frozen Caverns or else they would melt, when one of her Freezie Carvers revealed they found a huge diamond-shaped ice block, with a strange blue star-shaped key inside. Miss Freezie had the key carved out, and took it as a scepter, attaching a snowball to it, and gaining new powers. Once she discovered these powers, she created a huge storm so that her people didn't have to stay inside during the summer, but then the power began to get to her head. She decided to make the storm bigger, and freeze over the entire Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, and soon had her carvers work tirelessly on sculptures resembling people in high positions. Soon a few carvers figured out that she wanted to paint those sculptures and replace the real ones with the copies, using the Star Key to bring the sculptures to life and use them as puppets. They rejected this idea, until Miss Freezie use the Star Key to control their minds and make them work without a break, only for the sculptures to turn out weak and imperfect. The Freezies beg Mario to save their queen from herself before she makes the biggest storm the world has seen, and Mario accepts.

Mario & Co. venture out of the Frozen Caverns, and begin to climb Mt. Throne, hoping to get to the top before it's too late. They make their way through Miss Freezie's mind-controlled minions and the howling winds she sends at them. Eventually, they reach the top and enter Miss Freezie's storm center (formerly her throne room). Mario & Co. challenge Miss Freezie to a battle, winner gaining the Star Key, to which she accepts. Thus the battle begins, and even tougher than the one with King Boo. Miss Freezie can use the Star Key to protect herself from attacks for a turn and can even freeze Mario or his current partner for a move. She can also call up her Freezie Hands to carry Ice Blocks and have her carvers carve out an Ice Peach on the next turn, allowing her to gain some backup. But even the strong must fall, and Miss Freezie is defeated by Mario, and the Blue Star Key's hold on her is broken, allowing her to resume her true self. With the Star Key no longer in control, its power subsides, and the storm stops, turning those cold times into summer times and everyone frozen thaws out, plus the end of the creepy ice sculptures. Miss Freezie apologizes for her actions, having heard an evil voice telling her to freeze the world, which Mario & Co. guess to be Shadolance, showing he does have some control on whoever uses a Star Key, making them wonder, why he hasn't used his power on them? Miss Freezie, understanding that is against the natural order of things to have no summer, telling him she'll see him next winter, gives him the Star Key.

While Mario and Bowser 'reunite,' Peach, having escaped from her guards a few hours ago, wanders through the tunnels of Shadolance's lair, evading his minions. Soon she wanders into the room where she, Luigi, and Bowser were trapped in a fake Mushroom Kingdom. She then suddenly hears a noise coming from the entryway and hides. Peach spies on Shadolance (Spy Mini-game) yelling at his minions for their incompetence at keeping Peach locked up, and angry at them for shipping Bowser away to the location of the sixth Star Key, only for one of his minions to reply that that was what he did with Luigi and King Boo, angering Shadolance to a point where the minion flees. He says to the other minion that he is lucky Mario has not yet fond out about his plan to escape from his lair, which cause Peach to realize that Shadolance wants Mario to gain the Star Keys (sound familiar?), and this isn't his lair, it's his prison, and about the 'interloper' who got in here. After Shadolance leaves, Peach talks about how she is going to tell Mario what she's learned, since she has no way of communicating with Mario down in Shadolance's prison. Suddenly, Peach hears a voice telling her there's a way.

She turns around, but no one is there, only to see what looks like Shadolance to appear! Peach is frightened, but then realizes it isn't Shadolance, it's the Count Bleck Look-a-like! Peach asks who he is, only for the look-a-like to respond by saying he is Lord Blumiere, which Peach says isn't possible, since he is dead. Lord Blumiere says it is true, but he has come from the afterlife to stop his father, or what his father had become, who had been consumed by the Dark Prognosticus into it's perfect destroyer when it recognized that Blumiere's love was still alive but in another form, and he may try to prevent its mission. It was lucky his father was stopped by great heroes that imprisoned him, but now he had come back once he sense the demon that used to be his father using Mario to get the Star Keys, the keys to his prison's lock, the Under Gate. Peach urges Blumiere to tell Mario what he has told her and to stop him before he frees Shadolance once she remembers that Shadolance said he had the sixth Star Key, and that there are seven. Blumiere disappears to find Mario, and Peach is about to go back to hiding, only for a guard to find her and be recaptured. Hopefully, Blumiere can reach Mario in time.....

Wow, long Chapter right? well with only two chapters left, expect bigger ones on the way. Farewell!!!!!

*P.S. the character with this * is not my own creation, he was created by McQueen-Mario on Fantendo as his main character for his fan-made series McBoo's Mansion. I just borrowed him and a few others for this story, but I suggest you check his work out, it's really good.
PMTSF Chapter 3, 4 and 5 Bosses
With the arrival of Chapter 5 last week, I decided to upload these, the Chapters 3, 4 and 5 bosses, the pair made up of the spoiled rotten, tantrum-throwing brat Prince Bowser Jr. and his Mecha minion MegaHammer, the poisoned and corrupted monarch and ambassador of the Piranha Plants of Flower Fields, Petey Piranha, and finally the the Master of Illusion, Lord of the Boos, General of the Boo Troop, The King of Ghosts, King Boo! Let's begin with that double team-up pair, Bowser Junior (or BJ) and MegaHammer

Bowser Jr.
Behold Mario, the prince of the Koopa Kingdom, son of His Awesomeness,
Lord Bowser Koopa Senior, (A bit of a brat if you ask me) Prince Bowser
Koopa Junior!  If only that little bra-er-His Royal Prince-ed-ness wasn't as
stubborn as His Stubbornness, he might have been able to help us and
make this trip a whole lot easier! I might not be his royal caretaker Kamek,
but I believe his HP is 35, Attack is 5, Defense is 1.
Shell Spin
Hover Scratch
Fire Shot
Minion Call-Up
MegaHammer Repair

This must be the Prince's secret weapon, MegaHammer! It looks like it's
made-up of parts from the Prince's Roller Coaster, The Koopa Run, and
seems to draw its power from the Indigo Star Key thanks to that Antennae.
Here's a tip, you might want to beat the Prince before MegaHammer or else
he'll repair it. Like I said before, it's a secret weapon, but according to my
magic its HP is 50, Attack is 9, Defense is 1.
Hammer Slam
Bullet Bill Launch
Hammer Hurricane
Laser Screen Beams

Next, Petey Piranha!

Petey Piranha
It's Petey Piranha and he definitely looks hungry! Then again, after his
poisonous corruption, he always looked hungry, or maybe he always
looked like that, I mean, Piranha Plants are Giant Weeds with teeth,
shouldn't they always look hungry? The Poison from the Star Key
definitely increased his power, because his HP is 45, Attack is 10 with
some Poison after-effects, and Defense is 0.
ATKs: Poison Seed-shot
Piranha Plant Roar
Flutter Flap

Finally, King BOO!

King Boo
There he is, that traitorous, lying, despicable, treasonous, conniving Boo Traitor
to His Grouchiness! Betraying Lord Bowser to this "Shadolance" is treason to
the Koopa Kingdom thanks to all those years of service he and the rest of the
Boo Troop did. Thankfully, because of those years, I know his HP is 48, Attack
is 8, Defense is 0, so go kick what ever the Ghost version of a keister is!
Haunted Laugh
Illusion King
Outta Sight

That's all the boss work for now! Stay tuned for the last 3 chapters and their Boss' tattles! Especially with a little surprise after Chapter 7 before the Final Chapter........
Goomba Chestnut Family Tree
You may be thinking, wait. So all these enemies appear in the prologue? Wrong! I decided that, since in the Paper Mario series there are some enemies that don't appear in Chapters, for Paper Luigi, I would create Enemy Family Trees showing off different enemies belong to different family trees. But if this is a Goomba family tree, then what are these 'Chestnuts' and those two Galoombas doing here? Well, first off Galoombas are like a type of Goomba that is harder to kill, so that's why they're here, but those Chestnuts are here because, in the Waffle Kingdom, there are some enemies that copies of ones found in the Mushroom Kingdom, the copies of Goombas are Chestnuts, since I'm pretty sure we all know who the 'Chestnut King' is.

Normal Goombas
1. Goomba
    These are ...BEEP... Goombas, creatures similar to ...WHIII... Chestnuts
    and they appear to be led by a Goomba ...BRZZZ... King just like the
    Chestnut King.
    HP: 2,
    ATKP: 1,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Head-Bonk
2. Paragoomba
    The ...NIIII... Paragoomba is a winged Goomba ...ERRR... that
    scouts for the ...BEEP... Goomba Kingdom.
    HP: 2,
    ATKP: 1,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Dive-Bonk
3. Spiky Goomba
    This is a simple ...BRZZZ... Goomba with one exception ...WHIII...
    being that it wears a spiky hat.
    HP: 3,
    ATKP: 2,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Spiked-Bonk
1., 2., & 3. Appear in: Prologue
                                    - Toad Town Tunnels
Hyper Goomba
1. Hyper Goomba
    A much more faster and ...ERRR... stronger version of the
    Goomba that can ...BEEP... power and become super hyper.
    HP: 9,
    ATKP: 5,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Hyperize, Head-Bonk
2. Hyper Paragoomba
    Similar to the Hyper ...WHIII... Goomba, the Hyper Paragoomba
    ...NIIII... can become super hyper and is stronger and ...BRZZZ...
    faster than the Paragoomba.
    HP: 9,
    ATKP: 5,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Hyperize, Dive-Bonk
3. Hyper Spiky Goomba
    Another version of the ...ERRRR... Hyper Goomba, this one
    is similar to the Spiky ...BEEP... Goomba as it wears a spiky
    hat like it.
    HP: 12,
    ATKP: 8,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Hyperize, Spiked-Bonk
1., 2., & 3. Appear in: Chapter 4
                                    - Circuit Breaker Island
1.  Galoombas
     The Galoomba is a type of Goomba that ...BRZZZ... is much
     harder to defeat than ...WHIII... a normal Goomba as it has
     a higher defense.
     HP: 12,
     ATKP: 6,
     DFNS: 1,
     ATKs: Run-Bonk
2. Spiky Galoomba
    The Spiky Galoomba is quite possible the ...NIIII... hardest
    Goomba to defeat due to its ...BEEP... spiked hat and high
    HP: 15,
    ATKP: 9,
    DFNS: 2,
    ATKs: Spiked Run-Bonk
1., & 2. Appear in: Chapter 7
                               - Jazzafraz path
Chestnut Army
1. Chestnut Guard
    These are the foot soldiers of the ...WHIII... Chestnut army,
    and are the most common ...BRZZZ... enemy in the entire
    Waffle Kingdom.
    HP: 6,
    ATKP: 4,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Spear-Bonk
2. Chestnut Herald
    These are the Chestnuts who herald the arrival ...BEEP... of
    important Chestnut emissaries, the king, ...NIIII... events,
    announcements, and impending attacks.
    HP: 6,
    ATKP: 4,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Trumpet Call
3.  Chestnut Knight
     The back bone of the Chestnut Army is ...ERRR... this, the
     Chestnut Knight, and are known for carrying their ...BRZZZ...
     huge, multi-bladed swords, yet it is unknown how these
     Chestnut Knights or ...NIIII... any Chestnuts carry something
     without arms.
     HP: 9,
     ATKP: 6,
     DFNS: 1,
     ATKs: Slash-Bonk
1. Appear in: Chapter 1, 2, & 8
                       - Honey-top Tunnels
                       - Rumble-bump Jungle
                       - Heart-song Castle
2. Appear in: Chapter 2 & 7
                       - Rumble-bump Jungle
                       - Sizzle Forest
3. Appear in: Chapter 7 & 8
                       - Sizzle Forest
                       - Heart-song Castle
Chestnut Prison
1. Chestnut Prisoner
    An escaped Chestnut convict who had ...BEEP... broken several
    Chestnut Kingdom laws and was ...ERRR... incarcerated before
    HP: 8,
    ATKP: 5,
    DFNS: 0,
    ATKs: Chain-Bonk
2. Chestnut Watchman
    These are the guardsmen and wardens of the ...NIIII... Chestnut
    Prisons who make sure that sure that any ...WHIII... Prisoners
    live their sentence and don't escape. Judging from the ....BRZZZ...
    number of escaped prisoners, they don't do a good job.
    HP: 12,
    ATKP: 8,
    DFNS: 1,
    ATKs: Saber-Bonk
3. Chestnut Executioner
    These are the Chestnuts who are obliged to carry ...BEEP... out
    the most heinous of punishments the ...ERRR... Death Penalty,
    which is why they were the hood and carry the axe, yet I cannot
    ...NIIII... determine why they wear the spiked hat beneath the
    HP: 16,
    ATKP: 10,
    DFNS: 1,
    ATKs: Axe-Bonk
1. Appear in: Chapter 3 & 8
                       - Hizza Road
                       - Musical Mountains
2. Appear in: Chapter 6, 8, & 9
                       - Popsicland
                       - Heart-song Dungeons
                       - Sour-top
3. Appear in: Chapter 8 & 9
                       - Heart-song Dungeons
                       - Sour-top
Koopa Family Tree
Since the Waffle Kingdom has no Koopa Troopas, or any similar to Koopas like the Chestnuts are to Goombas, the only time Koopa Troopas appear are in the Prologue

Koopa Troopa
The Koopa Troopa ...BRZZZ... Data on this creature is slim
...BEEP... due to it not being native to ...NIIIII... the Waffle
HP: 4,
ATKP: 2,
DFNS: 1,
ATKs: Shell Shot
Appears in: Prologue
                   - Toad Town Tunnels
Baron Goomba
Here is Luigi's Jr. Troopa for Paper Luigi, Baron Goomba!

Name: Purple Goomba

Occupation: Goomba Baron

Home: Goomba Castle

Info: Behold! Baron Purple Goomba! First of the Name,
Baron of Goomba Castle, Brother to the Notorious Goomba
Brother Twins, Red & Blue, he is their much more younger
brother who was declared as a baron by the Goomba King
himself, Goomboss! After Red, Blue, and Goomboss defeat, 
he seeks revenge by defeating Mario, only to believe his
younger brother Luigi is Mario. After Luigi defeats him and he
learns his mistake, Baron Goomba completely forgets about
his revenge on Mario and journeys all the way to the Waffle
Kingdom to defeat Luigi for revenge for his prior defeat, only
to be defeated multiple times, and eventually makes peace
with Luigi. Only to suddenly remember his about revenge on Mario.

Appearances: Paper Luigi Prologue
                                        The Letter of Adventure

Baron Goomba (First Time)
This is Baron Purple ...NIIII... Goomba. He believes you to be
...BEEP... your older brother Mario ...BRZZZ... and seeks revenge
for his brothers ...WHIII...
HP: 15,
ATKP: 2,
DFNS: 0,
ATKs: Head-Bonk


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